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Your Safety is A Priority!
  • Please use the sidewalks, when walking within the community. When people walk in the roadway it makes it difficult for vehicles to pass safely.
  • Do not block fire hydrants
  • Be mindful of children at play and slow down
  • If you see a streetlight is out, please report it to OUC immediately. Their contact information is listed on the Important Contacts page.
  • Be courteous to your community and your neighbors by picking up after your dog. Pet waste can carry diseases and may be harmful to other pets and humans.


    This is an important Safety Reminder from the Fells Cove HOA. While many of us have read the reports indicating an overall drop in violent crime across the country, there continues to be an increase in personal property crime, especially theft of or from vehicles. Most of these vehicle thefts are “crimes of opportunity” and you can greatly reduce your chances of becoming a victim if you make an effort to follow just a few Safety Rules.
    1. Never leave your running vehicle unattended with the keys inside or in the ignition.
    2. Whenever you park your car, close the windows, lock the doors and take the key with you, even when parked in front of your home.
    3. Park in busy and well-lighted areas.
    4. Do not leave valuables in the car or easily visible (such as: GPS, GPS holder, cell phone, charging/auxilary cables, backpacks, shopping bags, or holiday packages). Lock them in the trunk.
    5. Equip your vehicle with an alarm or other anti-theft device.
    6. Don’t hide a spare key in a magnetic key box; thieves know all the hiding places.
    Report any suspicious activity immediately to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Dept. or the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over your locked vehicle.

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