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Parking In The Community
Q. Did you know it is against the law the block the public sidewalk with your car?
A. Yes, you can actually be issued a parking ticket for blocking the sidewalk.  The sidewalks are intended to allow safe travel for pedestrians. Anyone can contact the Osceola Sheriff's Office to report violations.

Q: Can commercial vehicles park within the development?
A: No commercial vehicles are allowed to be parked in the community overnight unless they are parked in the garage.  This includes any vehicles with advertising, lawn trailers, etc. 
Q: Is overnight street parking allowed?
A: No, parking on the street is not allowed per our covenants.  All vehicles must be parked in the garage or driveway.

Q: What should I remind my household and visitors about when parking in the community?
A: Please remind your household members and guests not to block driveways, sidewalks, or fire hydrants. Please also remind them that they are to park their vehicles facing the flow of traffic as that is the law.

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